Terms & Conditions

The point of this group is charitable giving through the beautiful and empathetic MFM community.  Business is different for everyone and any amount of giving is appreciated.  There will be no shame or embarrassment if your charitable donations are low or even nothing some months. The point is to give and WANT to give.

By submitting a Maker Agreement form you are committing to participate in the Murderino Makers Charitable giving.

You understand that the information you provide will be on the website www.murderinomakers.com, and you commit to donating the agreed upon percentage of sales to the monthly charity every month.

At the end of every giving week period, we ask that you submit your proof of donation to [email protected] and/or send the money through Venmo to @HeatherAndresen. (This is handled by the group admin and executive director, Heather.)

At the end of each period, Murderino Makers will publicly share our OVERALL donated total with the rest of the MFM community. The idea being that we will grow both the community of shoppers and participating makers which will both ultimately grow our charitable giving.

If you no longer want to be a member of Murderino Makers, please send us an email and we will remove you from the directory.

Murderino Makers are in no way officially affiliated with the My Favorite Murder podcast.