Picks and Stones

Picks and Stones Designs was born out of a life long obsession with anything that allowed me to use my creativity!! As a child, I craved access to the beautiful sticky messes and colorful designs. The more I could submerge myself in anything artsy and crafty, the better. It was always where I truly felt most like myself!!
It wasn't until I was a grown up with a nursing license and children of my own that it occurred to me that I might be happiest when I had time to create on a DAILY basis. With my husband's full support I opted to quit my nursing job and focus my attention on perhaps monetizing on my creative side while also staying at home to care for our family. Best. Decision. Ever. I have had the opportunity to design and create things that other people actually purchase AND I have rarely missed any event in our 5 children's lives.
Aside from creating, parenting and wife-ing, I also enjoy cooking (cleaning...not so much!), baking, listening to audio books, music and (of course!!) podcasts!
I am often inspired by my favorite things and will usually feel compelled to draw or design things that I personally enjoy. My shop's most popular items are TV show inspired items from TV shows of which my family and I are obsessed.
I am passionate about being the good I want to see in this world and will try to attach myself to great causes whenever possible!!


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