Crow & Yarrow

Hi, y’all! My name is Charlotte Hull and I’m a visual artist based out of Asheville, NC, where I live with my fiancée, Amanda, and our two dogs. We love to listen to MFM, hike, and try not to get murdered! My focus is on watercolor, digital artwork and pop illustration, but I've been working on developing my skills throughout the art industry, using different mediums, since I was a child. After over a decade working in the jewelry industry, I left my career to follow my heart and build my own art brand. My art typically relies on tying together natural themes and bright colors with recognizable subjects. I’m also a big nerd and I love painting celebrities and characters from pop culture! I hope all audiences can find something in my art that inspires them, stirs up nostalgia, or simply brings a smile to their face!


Asheville, NC , BC