Bull City Boutique

I may have been born in Virginia, but I moved to Durham as fast as I could. I love how the city has been revitalized and has become a center of culture in the south. Between the local music scene, being one of the hottest food destinations in the south, and the intersection of history, culture, and diversity, to live in Durham is to love it.

I am a self proclaimed expert on bad horror movies (that I painstakingly research with the help of my husband), and by day a health insurance agent for a local hospital. While I love being a small business owner and dedicate a good portion of my life to creating new designs, I also enjoy my downtime.

When I’m not watching those horror movies cuddled up with my husband, James, and our three dogs, Raven, Milo and Maisie, I can be found spending time with my other family members and friends. I believe that life is full of opportunities and by taking the time to enjoy the little things the big picture is enhanced so much.


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Durham, NC