Murderino Maker Application Form

By submitting the form below, you agree to donate 15% of your profits from each month's designated week to a selected organization/charity. Read the full terms and conditions here. Please note, in order to be a Murderino Maker, you must sell your own handmade goods. (They don't have to be murderino or true crime related.) No resellers, con artists, or grifters allowed!
  • Time to upload the images that you would like to include on your profile!

    • Feature image: 250px by 250px (this is the square image that appears on the main shop directory page, so make it great!)
    • Header image: 1080px x 350px (this appears at the top of your profile)
    • 3 Display images: 400px x 400px (these appear at the bottom of your profile)
    • Please include your shop name in the file name, for example: myshop-header.jpg, myshop-feature.jpg. myshop-display1.jpg, etc.

    It really helps us out a whole lot if you correctly format and title your images before you submit them. If you don't now how to do this, there are many free image resizer websites and apps available online. If you're having trouble, don't hesitate to send us a message, and one of our friendly makers will be happy to help!
    Due to popular demand, here's an awkward video tutorial for (Join our facebook group to view it!)